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Your logo is one of your business most important assets. Having a logo, makes you recognisable and its the first thing people usually see whether that’s on a van, shop, social media, packaging, business card or a website.

As its one of your most important assets why not show it off with Hound Effects digital logo animation service.

A logo animation is a short video clip showcasing an introduction to your business and presents your logo in a video format. These short video clips can be displayed on your: Website / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Other social platforms / Email Marketing platforms & more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader or a large corporation, your logo can be animated to make your business stand out from the rest.


Logo Animation

Helps You Stand Out From Your Competitors

Most businesses have a number of social media profiles e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc… The reason why businesses have multiple profiles is to generate more customers and to showcase their products and services on different platforms. The issue with this, is that your social media profile can be lost in the crowd as everyone is on social media. With this in mind, how do you make your business stand out from your competitors?

Why not invest in eye catching logo animations created by Hound Effect. We can help you showcase your products and services without loosing your potential customer’s interest. This is a sure way to stand out and generate more likes, subscribers and most importantly customers!

Hound Effect offer fast turnaround for all animations which means you will not be waiting weeks for your design. All you need to do is supply us with your logo and we’ll do the rest. 

Show Off Your Brand

Are you proud of your brand and want to show it off? We don’t blame you, gone are the days of print-focused and static logo designs. Now, people are so invested in modern technology that logo animation can give your brand an edge over others. Why not take advantage of this great modern opportunity of showcasing your brand in a digital format. Put some fire back into your brand and let Hound Effect make it come to life with our animated design skills.

Message Opportunity

Instead of a static image, a logo animation can provide a more detailed explanation of what your business does. A logo animation can show a company character and transfer a certain message, which can help attract clients.

Looks Professional

Google, Nike, Skype etc…all have logo animations, all of these companies are major players in the market and you may feel like you don’t have the budget that these large corporations have when it comes to marketing and advertisement. Hound Effect have the perfect solution for your business, we have multiple logo animation packages and can discuss your individual needs. Our services do not break the bank and are proven effective.

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Top Notch Services

Website Design

Hound Effect specialise in developing beautiful looking websites that work well and are responsive for mobiles and tablets. It’s not enough to have a site that looks good, it needs to work well otherwise you’ll lose your online customers attention and they’ll go to a competitors site. We are strategic when designing websites to ensure every detail is captured for the optimal website browsing experience. Website Design Services

Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is super important these days as most people browse the internet on their mobile phone or smart device e.g. iPad or tablet. If your website is not mobile phone friendly or responsive, the design is difficult for people to read and navigate. This can put online viewers off your website and cause them to go elsewhere. Hound Effect specialise in developing mobile friendly websites, have a chat with us about your project. Mobile Friendly Website Design

Blog Writing & SEO

An active blog can generate more online interest in your website as your site will have more content. Many businesses state that they’re sales have increased because of an active blog on their site displaying news, offers, industry news and more. A blog area on your site is a must these days as there is so much competition on the internet. Hound Effect offer blog and content writing services. Drop us a line to discuss your project. Blog Writing Services

Brand & Identity

Your business might not be as big as Google, Coca-cola, Apple etc… but you can do something with your brand to make it stand out. Hound Effect can design your business a logo animation which you can share, post on social media or on your website. Many large corporations like the ones listed above all use logo animations to give their brand some personality and depth. Why not join them, let Hound Effect design you an animated logo that stands out. Logo Animation Service

Quick Turn Around

All our services are delivered on time and to budget. When clients sign up to Hound Effect’s services we agree on a delivery date for all services, which means you know exactly when the launch date of your project is going to be. Having a launch date is really important as you can then plan out your business marketing activities around your website going live/ 360° photo being posted on Google / logo animation being posted on facebook etc… We make sure we go above and beyond to get projects over the line.

Drone Photography

Hound Effect offers high quality drone photography services for private homeowners who want an aerial shot of their property or businesses who want to show off their premises. Our drones fly 400ft in the air to capture the best aerial views. Hound Effect has been approved by the CAA Civil Aviation Authority. Hound Effect has a drone pilots license and is fully insured. We offer drone photography services and drone videography services. Chat to the team about your project. Drone Services

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