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Drone Videos

Commercial Aerial Videography

If you’re looking to promote your business, Hound Effect has the perfect drone videography packages to suit all your business needs. Hound Effect can film aerial clips of your business using the latest drone technology as well as shots from the ground.

Hound Effect can offer you 4k quality videos to promote your business and offer viewers a unique viewing experience. These videos can be published on your website, social media and YouTube.

Did you know that YouTube is the worlds second largest search engines? Statistically, most people who cannot find the answer on Google turn to YouTube to see if there’s a video to help them. Why not reach these customers on YouTube with aerial videography.

Hound Effect can set your business up with a professional business YouTube page that is custom designed with banners and profile information. Many businesses can make money from YouTube. Let Hound Effect help your business make money on YouTube with excellent quality & effective promotional aerial videos.

Drone videography is a unique way of showcasing your business from the sky, our drone videography services are not only affordable, they are a great way to help you stand out from your competitors.

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YouTube Videos

If you would like to promote your business in a unique way, Hound Effect have photo & video packages to offer. According to recent statistics, by adding a video to your website you’re more likely to increase your sales conversions by 80%.

Did you know that 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it (information from Animoto)? If that’s the case, why not let Hound Effect create your business a unique and affordable promotional video.

Our drone packages are perfect for businesses who want to showcase their property, services or products from land or sky.

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Promotional YouTube Videos

Company logo on video

Company services on video displayed in text format

Selected content on video such as telephone number / web address / email address

Include a call to actions on video such as “Call Now” or “Visit Our Website”

Optional black and white

Enhance video colours to have certain cinematic filters

Include promotional banners

Include images

Set your business up with a business YouTube account

Upload your videos to YouTube


Top Notch Services

Hound Effect has become an extension to many businesses, we offer an amazing bolt-on service where we can develop your website and manage it every month for you. We like to keep in regular contact with our clients to let them know how they can improve their online presence to get more exposure.

Web Design

If you’re looking to redevelop your website because you’re not seeing a return, Hound Effect have a range of solutions for all types of budgets. We can provide you with a full website audit to show your website’s current performance. This will give you an indication of what you can do to improve your website’s performance. View Web Design Service

Mobile Friendly

Hound Effect provides a range a mobile friendly digital solutions including mobile friendly websites, mobile friendly videos and logo animations. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone or tablet device, with this in mind, take full advantage of reaching these potential customers with Hound Effect’s mobile friendly services. Mobile Friendly Website Design

Blog Writing & SEO

One way to increase your online exposure is to have a blog section on your website. Hound Effect provides a blog writing service to help customers rank better in Google. Blogs can be beneficial for long tail keywords e.g. “drone photographers in Carmarthenshire”. This is a long tail keyword and if your blog covers a specific optimised topic it can rank well in Google. Blog Writing Services

Brand & Identity

Hound Effect have amazing logo animation services which bring to life your brand. This digital service can differentiate you between your competitors. You can showcase these animations on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website and other digital platforms. Logo Animation Service

Quick Turn Around

We live in a fast paced world where demand is high. We want things done as quickly as possible but to a high standard. Hound Effect always delivers on time and to budget. We don’t take on too many projects all at once, this means we can deliver on time to our clients so that their expectations are met.

Elite Support

We’re not a large team, but we are a small dedicated team that cares about its customers. We are not like big corporations where you are just another number. All our service is done either on the phone, face to face, via email or on a video call. We guarantee you support that is second to none!

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