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What Is It?

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is an online tool created by Google for businesses to use to manage their online presence.

Google My Business will show online customers the following information:

Website Link

Quick link to your website

Telephone Numbers

Easy way for customers to call

Opening Hours

Opening, closing & holiday hours

Map Of Your Business

This is known as Google Maps

Business Location

You can show or hide your address

Bio/About Section

Describe what you do

Service List

Write a list of your services

Customer Reviews

Get reviews & reply to them

Set Up Google My Business

Google My Business


Firstly, it consolidates key information about your business into one area, making it easier for people to search information about your business online. If you were to search for a company online, your Google My Business listing will show the customer a lot of information, making it easier for them to make contact with you, which can help lead toward a sale or online conversion.


The internet never sleeps, while your business phones might be on answerphone, there are customers who are searching for your business. Google My Business will show the customer information about your business including a short ‘Bio / About section” or a link to your website allowing customers to get more information about what your business products or services are.


As most people use smart phones, information needs to be readily available at the touch of a button. By using Google My Business, it will give the customer instant access to information about your business while browsing their smart phone / tablet / computer.


According to Google (the internet giants of the world), they claim that “businesses that verify their information with Google My Business are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers”. With this in mind, this is a powerful reason as to why your business needs a Google My Business listing.


Google My Business can help you increase your search visibility on the internet. What this means, is when you search on Google, you will have a panel near the top which contains usually 3 local businesses and their information. This information is presented by Google My Business. By having a correctly set up Google My Business listing which is optimised, it can help land your business listing in this section. This listing provides ample space to direct people to your website or to click the telephone icon which will allow customers to call you.

Set Up Google My Business

Top Notch Services

Let Hound Effect help you promote your business and gain more online exposure.

Web Development

Looking for more online exposure? Hound Effect can help you with that, we are expert WordPress developers helping lots of small to medium-sized businesses across South West Wales. Based in Carmarthenshire, Hound Effect can meet up with you to discuss your requirements and how you want to be perceived online. We specialise in WordPress website design. View Web Design Service

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly website design is crucial for any business owner who wants to dominate online. If your website is not mobile phone or tablet friendly you could be losing online customers due to the difficulty of reading and navigating through the site. Hound Effect only produces mobile friendly websites. All our websites are responsive meaning the website adjusts to different screen sizes. Mobile Friendly Website Design

Blog Writing & SEO

Blogging can drive traffic to your website. Simply put, the more content you have online, the more chance potential customers will find your online website. Blogging requires content that is written well and optimised for Google, doing this takes skill and experience as Google has algorithms that have to be followed. Hound Effect can optimise blogs for your business. Blog Writing Services

Brand & Identity

Your brand is one of the most important factors for your company. Having a strong brand is one thing, but it’s another thing to compete with your competitors. A lot of businesses are now focusing on making their brand stand out. Hound Effect can help your business stand out with our logo animation service. We can turn your logo into a fully animated video that you can promote on multiple platforms. Logo Animation Service

360° Photography

Hound Effect are Google Street View Trusted Photographers. 360° Photography is an incredible way to promote your business online by allowing customers to experience a tour of your business. Google said that customers are TWICE as likely to be interested in your business if you have a virtual tour. Let online customers experience the full 360° of your property/premises. You can use the 360° photos on your website, on Google Business listing, on estate agents listings, social media and more.
360° Photography Service

Website Tests & Audit

Is your website giving you the online exposure you want? Do you know if it’s ranking well in Google? Do you know how many website visitors you have each month? Hound Effect can do a full health check on your site to tell you how it’s performing in Google, how fast it loads, what pitfalls could be causing people to go to another competitor site and more. Hound Effect want customers to have a website that gives them a return instead of costing them more money and time. Contact us to find out more.

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