How Healthy Is Your Website?

29th September 2019
29th September 2019 Hound Effect

You may think health and technology have nothing in common, but having a healthy website is vital to gaining and maintaining customers.

We live in an era where customers want information at the touch of a button. This means if your site isn’t displaying the right information / has errors / has loading issues / not mobile phone friendly, then you’ll more than likely lose that customer as they will go to a different website which is performing better.

So how do you know if your website is healthy or is underperforming? Here are some helpful things to consider:

#1 Is my website mobile phone friendly? Google’s loves a mobile phone friendly website. Want to know if yours is mobile friendly? Check out this quick Google test:

#2 How fast does my site load? Did you know that Google de-ranks sites that load slowly!

#3 How easy is my site to use? Is it easy to navigate? Have you ever asked any customers, friends or family their feedback on how they find using your website? Do they struggle to get to where they need to go? If yes, opt for some positive changes.

#4 Do I have enough call to actions? What do you want people to do when they get to your site? If you have no call to actions, then there are no prompts to get your customers to do something. We would suggest putting some useful call to actions on each page like “click here to call” or “claim your discount code here” etc…

#5 Do you read your analytics to see what pages are popular and what pages are not so popular? This information can be vital as you maybe populating pages and spending a lot of time on them when people are not interested in reading them. This is wasted time that could be spent elsewhere making positive changes.

These are just 5 things of a long list for our online readers to consider. Want to find out more? Contact Hound Effect.

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